Boutique UNIQ – Benahavis

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Property ID : DEV068

New Development €395,000 - New Development

A well-thought-out development with only 24 luxury dwellings which are welcoming, discreet and secure, of either 2 or 3 bedrooms, from 143 to 299 m2, which aims to become a benchmark for the famous Mediterranean lifestyle.
In short, a “boutique project” which captures the essence of “a new way of living”, in one of the most prestigious destinations in Europe, whose exquisite location enjoys spectacular panoramic views of the sea and the mountains in an extremely well-cared-for setting.

The development has two pools: one outdoor and a heated indoor one which, thanks to the great window which can be slid into the wall, merges into the garden in front of it. Likewise, proprietors will be able to avail of a spa area with sauna, Turkish bath, thermal shower and a perfectly equipped gymnasium.

UNIQ Benahavis will also be the first cardio-protected residential complex in the area, thanks to the installation of a mobile defibrillator with geolocation and personalised 24h telephone assistance.
The homes demonstrate clearly the commitment to communication between the spaces without visual barriers.

There is outside access from any of the rooms and the carpentry from floor to ceiling disappears almost imperceptibly to conceal itself in the walls.

The living room, with access to an impressive terrace, is joined to the open kitchen, which in turn gives onto a terrace-dining room to offer you a pleasant time and criss-crossing views from any point of the apartment.

In summary, a concept of “complete openness” has been achieved, so that the proprietors can feel both outdoors and indoors equally, with natural communication between the spaces, while enjoying their environment.

2 bed start at 395000
3 bed start at 449000
3 bed penthouses start at 773000

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