Semi Detached Villa for Long Term Rent in Santa Clara Marbella

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Property ID : RA0133

For Rent, Long Term Rent €3,000 - Semi Detached Villa
350 Sq Mtr 6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Fantastic Semi Detached Villa with lovely views ony few mintues drive to the best beaches of Marbella! This villa has been built to very high standards with the best finishings and set on a generous plot of 527 m². Located in one of the most popular urbanizations in Marbella, it is ideal as a family or a holiday home for all golf lovers. The property is distributed on two levels as follows, on the ground floor there is large, a modern fully-fitted kitchen, an elegant living room with a separate dining room which opens onto a lovely porch that enjoys the sun and well maintained private garden. On the upper floor, all the bedrooms are very luminous due to its big windows and private terraces. Every room has bathroom en- suite and the master bedroom has it own dressing room. The community offers manicured gardens and a beautiful communal pool.In the Basement but above ground there are further 3 bedroom with one full bathroom with Jacuzzi bath and plus private garage for 2 or 3 cars .Fantastic Community Garden and 2 Pool area .

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